The most wonderful time of the year is almost here! The carols, the gifts, the food, the company. Nothing feels more magical than this time of the year. With this and the past year’s undeniable challenges, it’s worthwhile to cherish the things that matter in life, and the holiday season is such a beautiful reminder to do just that. 

While you’re waiting for Santa to swing by, it’s never too soon to jump on the festivities. Kick your holiday mood into full gear with these activities:

1. Deck the Halls

Before anything else, take the Halloween decorations down and put up that Christmas tree. Dust off the bells and garlands. Polish those snow globes and angels. There’s nothing like aesthetics to get you into the full holiday cheer. Being surrounded by color and sparkle will make you feel all giddy inside. A change in how your space is viewed means a shift in attitude. 

It won’t matter how modest your studio or loft condo is, even the slightest tweak matters! A mini Christmas tree or a door wreath can slay every Grinch that walks through your doors. A well-lit, spruced-up home will make you look forward to coming home every single day of the holiday season. Whether you plan to invite guests in or simply for personal pleasure, jazz up your home with radiant details.

2. Staycation Galore

Even when the traditional holiday bar-hops and club crawl are no longer possible, you can still have a ball this holiday even while staying at home. Make your abode a hideaway from the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle. Get cozy as you light up a holiday-scented candle and sip on hot chocolate while binge-ing all the Christmas flicks on Netflix! Staycations aren’t only for solo dwellers. Host a chill night with friends or let the family stay over. If there’s a better time to reconnect and make up for a lost time, it’s the holidays! You do not need to book a hotel or go on a trip for that complete bonding experience. Your pad is more than enough!

3. Brush Up on Your Christmas Cooking

Months or weeks leading up to the most-awaited Noche Buena, start introducing holiday-themed dishes here and there. Whip out a Christmas cookbook or your grandma’s recipe notes, or even invent your special holiday-inspired dish.  The gastronomic aroma circulating in your space will surely get you in the mood for the holidays. After all, one of the best parts of the season is food! It’s definitely a refreshing break from your fast food and take-out menu so start cooking up a storm at home. 

4. Go Shopping

There’s no such thing as early Christmas shopping. When ‘-ber’ months roll in, Take advantage of the sales and avoid the Christmas rush by ticking your list one item at a time. It’s the season of giving, so by all means shower your loved ones (and that includes yourself) with a therapeutic shopping spree! Alternatively, save the trip and have your packages delivered to the lobby. It’s safer and could save you time. 

5. Take a Night Stroll in the City

In between your holiday hibernation indoors, go on a walk around the city at night. Breathe in the change of breeze and revel in the lights in your safe and quiet Cebu condo community. Devour bibingka and puto bumbong or other delicacies that pop up during this time of the year. This holiday is also a reminder to take a pause and reflect on the real meaning of the season.

Enjoy the Holiday Magic

Don’t mind the unpredictable tropical weather, bring out the ugly sweaters and turn up the music. This season might feel overwhelmingly busy, but the hubbub can blur whenever Mariah Carey starts belting from the speakers. 

Be creative in coming up with ideas on how to better enjoy the holidays. Apart from this list, it could include a DIY project, a virtual game night, or even a long soak in a bathtub. You do not have to search far and wide because fun and exciting things are in store for you right at your turf. After all, ‘tis the season to enjoy all the things you love and be extra merry!