Getting an affordable and modern Cebu condo unit is a great investment and housing option for young professionals. These units are perfect for a live-work-play lifestyle because they are strategically located near business and shopping districts. They can also be up for resale at a higher value in the future as the this year.

Condominiums come in different styles and sizes. To find the type of condo unit that best suits your personality, preference, and lifestyle, consider the following:

1. Location 

The best Cebu condominium is the one that is not only located near one’s office. It should also be close to malls, schools, hospitals, and other places the unit owner or lessee frequently visits. This way, you get to save time and money by traveling less back and forth.

Quick Tip: Talk to residents and listen to local news to find out if the unit is located in a hazard-prone area. It’s better and safer to live in a condominium that is not frequented by floods and is not sitting on an active fault line.

2. Living Space

Before checking out various types of condominiums, you should have an idea of how much space you need to live comfortably. Are you living alone and would a studio unit work for you? Do you need a dedicated and elaborate work space and leaning towards getting a loft? Or are you a small family who’d like to be in a 2-bedroom unit? 

Some individuals prefer to live in cozy studio units because they want to have most of their things within reach. For those who would opt to have an atelier, a loft condominium, which has high ceilings and good lighting, would be perfect. It’s really about finding the unit type that perfectly matches your lifestyle and preference.

Quick Tip: Condominiums, in general, offer less living space than single-detached properties. To maximize living spaces, consider using multi-functional furniture and wall-mounted storage cabinets.

3. Unique Features 

Condominiums come in different styles and sizes. Each type has its own layout. Some have a narrow bathroom and kitchen. Others have wide living spaces, which enables people to customize and partition their homes by themselves. Keep in mind that some units are not ideal for the elderly and small children, so it is very important to check out the structure of a condo unit. If the placement of the rooms and other structures feels off to you, do not hesitate to look for another one. Don’t settle for a unit that fails to meet your standards. To save time, work with real estate professionals that can help find a condominium unit that you would want to come home to every day.

Quick Tip: Not all condominiums are created equal. Each has its own amenities. To make the most out of your Cebu condo rent or purchase, choose a place that offers amenities that you usually use, such as swimming pools, multi-purpose clubhouses, and wellness facilities.

4. Rules and Policies

Different condominiums have their own rules and regulations about building maintenance, garbage disposal, unit renovations, and homeowner’s association fees, among other things. Some may prohibit certain activities that may disturb other unit owners and lessees. Others may set limits on how many pets may be allowed in a condo.

Unit owners and lessees are required to abide by the condominium corporation or association. By reading the document carefully and always keeping in mind the things you can or cannot do, you can avoid penalties and live peacefully without inconveniencing others. Quick Tip: Don’t forget to inquire about security. Check the presence or absence of CCTV cameras, power generators, smoke detectors, as well as fire alarms and exits. 

Finding the Best Cebu Condominium

Looking for the right condo can be overwhelming. If you are having a hard time deciding on the type of condominium unit to buy or rent, it’s always safer to opt for reputable developers trusted in the field.

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