So you’re adulting, huh? You may feel like it’s high time to leave the comforts of your parents’ home and take on a mission to be more independent. And what better way to feel that independence than to get yourself your very own place, right? BLOQ Residences is designed to bring style and comfort to today’s high-spirited young workforce.

Whether you’re a student or a yuppie, you’ll definitely find something from our wide array of options, from loft-type to two-bedroom units. But if you’re already overwhelmed by the thought of getting your own property, take a deep breath and get rid of the negativity. Buying a condo in Cebu isn’t all that complicated. In fact, you can own a BLOQ Residences unit in four easy peasy steps:

1. Choose a unit and confirm its availability.

Visit the BLOQ Residences website or check out our official to see the available types and units. Make sure to look into the floor plan and sample photos to give you a visual idea of the size of the space and how you can style it according to your taste and needs. 

Once you have decided on what unit to get, simply contact us at to get a confirmation on the availability of your desired unit. 

2. Fill out the forms.

Upon confirmation, you’re all set to proceed! You will be asked to fill out two forms: Letter of Intent (LOI) and Client Information Sheet (CIS). These will be in digital copies. 

The LOI is a document wherein you declare your intent to purchase a BLOQ unit. It shall be signed by the buyer. While the CIS is where you provide your details, as the buyer, including name, address, phone number, government ID number, and other related information.

Once completed, just send the forms via email.

3. Submit the requirements.

Your LOI and CIS will be reviewed and you will soon be contacted to submit the remaining requirements via email. These requirements may include documents such as two valid IDs, marriage certificate (if married), and proof of billing. You can send the photos or the scanned copies through email. 

At this point, your client information is being collected and reviewed. Don’t fret though, it’s not a stringent approval process. We’re only making sure we’ve got the correct documentation so the next steps will be smoother.

4. Pay for the block-off fee.

After review of your documents, you will be given the green light to deposit the block-off or reservation fee. Accomplishing this will lock-in your unit so it won’t be available for reservation to anyone else.  

The block-off fee depends on the type of unit and the location that you have chosen. BLOQ Residences have projects in different site locations, thus the varying prices. Block-off fee for Sikatuna 2: Studio: PHP 12,000.00  Loft: PHP 18,000.00  2-BR: PHP 25,000.00    Block-off fee for San Nicolas:  Studio: PHP 5,000.00  Loft: PHP 10,000.00    Block-off fee for Lahug: All units are studio type at PHP 10,000.00 

Payment options are available online. Once completed, send a copy (through email) or proof of the validated deposit slip. Keep in mind that a unit can only be tagged as reserved for you once you can provide the proof of the payment. 

Other Payments to Prepare For

Buying a condo in Cebu, or anywhere else in the country, may include several instances of processing a payment. Following the block-off, you will then begin payment of the equity/ down payment, which is payable in months, and then the monthly amortization that is payable in years. There is also the turnover fee upon move-in. 

BLOQ Residences unit can be availed for as low as 2.1 million PHP to just a little over 4 million. The cost depends on a few factors including the location of the project, the unit type and floor area, and the time of purchase since purchasing during the pre-selling period is cheaper than getting a ready-for-occupancy (RFO) unit.

As a reference, a studio unit at 22 sqm is priced at PHP 2,100,000.00 with equity of only PHP 10,000.00 per month. The loft with 38 sqm is at PHP 3,800,000.00 with PHP 15,000.00 monthly equity. A 2-bedroom 42 sqm unit is PHP 4,200,000.00 with monthly equity of PHP 20,000.00.

Owning A BLOQ Unit in the New Normal

As we strive to adjust to the new normal seamlessly, we want to make sure that our clients can conveniently and safely do the processing online. This is why our steps at buying a unit at BLOQ Residences are paperless and do not require any face-to-face transactions.  

Ready to have your very own BLOQ Residences unit? Just get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to guide you every step of the way!