Now that we have bid farewell to what seemed to be one of the most grueling years in recent time, we step into the new year with brand new optimism, and of course, a concrete plan on how to be one step closer to achieving more life goals. Fittingly so, BLOQ Residences is giving you another reason to enjoy the fruits of your labor with our upcoming Mega 3 Project.

If you are planning to buy a condo unit in Cebu City, 2021 is the year to do it! The Mega 3 Projects include, yet again, three of the most sought-after locations in the city: Sikatuna, San Nicolas, and Lahug, all being university belts and ever-flourishing business centers. 

Location, Location, Location

It’s real estate 101, when buying a property such as a home, location is considered to be a top factor to consider. As a homeowner, you would want something that is accessible to and from your daily activities such as work or school. It should also ideally be close to shopping centers, grocery shops, markets, hospitals, and other essential establishments. 

Furthermore, if you are looking into turning your condo property into a rental unit, then you’d definitely want the location to be a selling point. The value of your home is affected by the centrality of your location. For instance, properties in the cities tend to be priced higher than homes in the suburbs. All of our projects have been strategically placed in city locations that are known for their accessibility to almost everything one needs on a daily basis. 

Empowering Achievement and Independence

If you have been daydreaming of owning your own place, then consider reading this a sign to finally do it. Made for the young—young at heart, included—and ambitious professionals, BLOQ is all about independence and strives to be your “first”, whether it be an investment or your home. 

All of our units are not only designed aesthetically to fit the fast-paced and modern lifestyle of yuppies, they are also tailored to meet the usual monthly rent while providing the benefits of real estate acquisition. It can be a home where creative juices flow, a functional space to conduct a home-based business, or an income-generating rental property. Whichever way you choose, owning a BLOQ unit is a way of creating yourself a lifestyle of self-empowerment and achievement. 

Bigger Space, More Flexible Lifestyle

The BLOQ Mega 3 Projects is bound to make urban living bigger. Literally. The studio units, which are usually at 18 sqm and designed to balance space and cost, can now be enjoyed at 21-24 sqm in Sikatuna and Lahug. As well, the coveted 2-bedroom units are now also available at Sikatuna. With a more spacious unit, you have more freedom to create a space to express your personality and passion. Pro tip: You have the option to combine units for an even bigger area!

When to Expect the Mega 3 Projects

The 2021 projects are set to kick off in March with the start of construction of the BLOQ Sikatuna 2. San Nicolas and Lahug will follow within the year. We are now accepting reservations for these soon-to-rise projects. Buyers can expect the same seamless and top quality customer service. Take the big step to being a homeowner this year! to begin your BLOQ lifestyle journey!