More than anything,
BLOQ is a lifestyle.

BLOQ Residences are affordable modern residential developments in strategic locations in Cebu, Philippines, like Talamban, Plaridel, Sikatuna, and Banawa. It is a series of affordable urban condominiums that offer 2 (two) unit types, the Studio and Loft.
The Studio units are designed to be comfortable on its own, balancing space and cost while giving people the option to combine units for an even bigger area. The loft units are high-ceiling, allowing a private bedroom at the elevated level, while the main level is designed to be the living area. All units in BLOQ Residences uphold the Acropolis Land reputation for dynamic space and design concepts, construction integrity, and most of all, value for money.

BLOQ is made for the young (or young at heart), ambitious and independent professional. It strives to be your “First”, whether it be an investment or your home. Packaged and priced in a way that meets the usual monthly rent, BLOQ allows any yuppie to enjoy all the benefits of real estate acquisition. It aspires to be a creative outlet where you live in what you invest. You can also have your units rented out to maximize your unit’s potential for value appreciation.

But more than anything, BLOQ is a lifestyle.

BLOQ is not just FOR you, it IS you. It is a space that reflects your uniqueness and individuality, a creative outlet that gives you the freedom to live independently.





She is a 23-year-old Filipino-British from Cebu City. Divine identifies as a lesbian, something in which she is proud of. Reason enough to let her decide to join the ABS-CBN reality show, Pinoy Big Brother, where in an interview when asked why she joined, she said, “Be proud of who you are! I was so sick of people looking at me like they could fit me into a stereotype or a certain genre. I wanted to make a point—that you could be who you are and that's okay."

Today she spends her time as a professional model, tattoo designer and just recently pursued a career in being a DJ where she goes by the handle, DJ DIVINE. She is into dogs and extreme sports, a good example would be wake boarding. Divine grew up living in different cities and countries but she proudly considers the Philippines as "home".


"A place where you can create more firsts, your very own home. That's what BLOQ is, that's what BLOQ wants to be... your first."

- Divine Maitland-Smith